Kids Intelligence Development thru Sport™(KiDS™)

About Us

KiDS™ was born with the hopes of inspiring and developing generations of champions with a passion for sport and a lifelong love for active lifestyles.

Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS)

    • FMS are skills like running, jumping, catching, throwing, kicking...
    • They are basic movement components that form the building blocks for physical development and literacy.
    • Mastering these skills is important to create a strong foundation for future sport specialization and lifelong love for physical activity.

KiDS™ Assess

KiDS™ Assess was designed to help educators and parents better understand the motor skills competencies of the child. The scores in the KiDS™ Assess report represent the fundamental movement skills (FMS) competencies of the child based on his/her current development status, in comparison with age-specific norms.

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